2020 ICOMOS General Assembly 'Shared Culture, Shared Heritage, Shared Responsibility'

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James Lesh


This year, Australia ICOMOS will be hosting its 20th Triennial General Assembly in October in Sydney.

The core General Assembly will occur between 5 and 9 October, 2020 within a ten day program of site visits, workshops, lectures, expert meetings and social gatherings. Venues will include the World Heritage listed Sydney Opera House, Greater Blue Mountains and Australian Convict Sites World Heritage Properties amongst a wide variety of other Aboriginal and colonial cultural places. 

This year, Dr Cristina Garduño-Freeman, honorary and ACAHUCH members, will be hosting 'Shared Cultures Communities - collaborative, consultative, contested'  with Dr Marco Antonio Chávez-Aguayo, whilst Dr James Lesh, post-doctoral research fellow for ACAHUCH, will be hosting 'Marginalised Heritages Shared or shunned?' with Dr Tokie Laotan-Brown.

ICOMOS President, Helen Lardner, noted: "The theme of the four day Scientific Symposium: ‘Shared Cultures – Shared Heritage – Shared Responsibility’, reflects the global context of heritage as part of cultural identity at a time of rapid population shift, conflict and environmental uncertainty. The important notion of shared stewardship, for which the ‘culture-nature journey’ is of particular relevance, requires agreed approaches to the sustainable protection, conservation and safeguarding of heritage."
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