ACAHUCH + CCPD: Dr Albena Yaneva and Prof Alan Pert

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Theo Blankley

    A discussion between Professor Alan Pert, Director of MSD, and Dr Albena Yaneva, Professor of Architectural Theory and Director of MARG.
    Alan Pert HeadshotJoin Professor Alan Pert (Director, Melbourne School of Design and Member of The Australian Centre of Architectural History, Urban and Cultural Heritage ) and Dr Albena Yaneva (Professor of Architectural Theory, Director of the Manchester Architecture Research Group (MARG), Manchester Urban Institute, University of Manchester) to discuss her forthcoming book 'Crafting History' which explores the Architectural Archive.

    Some questions posed by the book include “What constitutes an archive in architecture?", "What forms does it take?", "What epistemology does it perform?", and "What kind of craft is archiving?"

    'Crafting History' provides answers and offers insights on the ontological granularity of the archive, and its relationship with architecture as a complex enterprise that starts and ends much beyond the act of building, or the life of a creator. Published by Cornell University Press, 'Crafting History' is due for release in November 2020.
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    This seminar is part of a new series between Critical and Curatorial Practices in Design, a research project led by Professor Pert, and is hosted by ACAHUCH at the Melbourne School of Design, the University of Melbourne.

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