ACAHUCH Symposium : Parklife 2022

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Theo Blankley

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The values ascribed to streets and landscapes, buildings and places shift over time. Access, interpretation and display have become crucial components in recognising and enacting conservation.

The landscape of Quor-nóng/Royal Park has been inhabited by First Peoples for millennia. Following colonisation, Royal Park was reserved as a public park with neighbourhoods and institutions constructed on its edges. Park Life seeks to interrogate the impact of institutions such as the university, hospitals, a prison, a major park and a zoo, as well as local precincts. Parkville is a suburb of diverse building types surrounding Royal Park, and home to major Melbourne institutions including the symposium host, the University of Melbourne. Parkville has played a pivotal role in Australian understandings of heritage, memory, commemoration, and dwelling.

In 1972, South Parkville was declared Melbourne’s first historic area by the National Trust. This one-day symposium strives to examine how global and national understandings of heritage have been reflected in all parts of Parkville, and what different meanings Parkville has come to take on since that time.


09:00-09:10             WELCOME

09:15-10:15             KEYNOTE ONE | JAPANESE ROOM

  • Parkville – a factitious suburb
    Emeritus Professor Miles Lewis AM

Sessions run in Parallel

10:15-11:15            SESSION ONE | Heritage Life | JAPANESE ROOM

  • Designating Parkville in 1972 and the Genealogies of Urban Conservation in Melbourne
    Dr James Lesh
  • Parkville Heritage Review: Forming a Holistic Understanding of Parkville’s Cultural Landscape
    Tanya Wolkenberg, Suellen Hunter, Ros Rymer
  • Reconsidering What We Keep From Two Centuries of European Urbanism in Parkville (And How We Keep It)
    Michael Cook, Anna Hyland, Libby Blamey

10:15-11:15             SESSION TWO | Afterlife | ROOM 448

  • The ‘Other’ Parkvilles
    A/Prof David Nichols
  • Remembering and Interpreting Parkville Through Artificial Eyes
    A/Prof Jason Thompson, Dr Sachith Seneviratne, Dr Kerry Nice, Dr Rajith Vidanaarachchi
  • The Cemetery and the Park: Burial and Memorialisation in Parkville and Carlton
    Samuel Holleran

11:30-12:15             KEYNOTE TWO | JAPANESE ROOM

  • Billibellary’s Walk - Aboriginal Meaning of Place at a Sandstone University
    Dr Shawana Andrews

12:15-13:00             PANEL DISCUSSION | JAPANESE ROOM


  • Haymarket to City of Health: Visioning the Parkville Medical Precinct
    Prof Julie Willis
  • Travancore: Shifting Values Around Health in Settler Australia
    A/Prof Janet McGaw
  • Defining and Redefining the Public Interest or Public Purpose of Royal Park
    Michele Summerton

13:30-14:30             SESSION FOUR | Home Life | ROOM 448

  • Changing Places and Spaces: Repositioning Parkville’s Interwar and Postwar Development
    Freya Keam, Mark Huntersmith
  • The Birth of Australian Modernism in the Backyards of Parkville: Josl Bergner and Sidney Nolan Across Ievers Reserve
    Prof Jaynie Anderson
  • “But This Is Not an Australian House”: The Saunders House in Parkville Prof Philip Goad, Dr Catherine Townsend

14:30-15:30             SESSION FIVE | Park Life | JAPANESE ROOM

  • Heritage and Community – The Melbourne General Cemetery Past and Present
    Prue Gill, Dr David James, Dr Jane Miller
  • Community Planting in Royal Park 1988 – The NCWV Bicentennial Grove of Honour
    Sheila Byard
  • The Practical Parkland: How Royal Park’s Landscape Has Been Manipulated and Used Across Time
    Dr Susan Reidy

14:30-15:30             SESSION SIX | Building Life | ROOM 448

  • “Racers and Rascals” The VSCC Clubrooms in Parkville: An Architectural and Cultural History
    Allan Willingham
  • The Roaring Twenties: Melbourne University, the Royal Park and the Melbourne Zoological Gardens
    Christine Storry
  • Conserving Parkville’s Crown : The Evolution of Former College Church
    Philippa Hall, Meher Bahl

15:45-16:45             SESSION SEVEN | Human Life | JAPANESE ROOM

  • Heritage + Place: Percy Grainger at 13 Royal Parade Parkville
    Suzanne Bravery
  • Ellen Mulcahy: Home and Workplace at “Garra-Cloyne”, C.1904 – 1919
    Dr Wendy Dick
  • After Ellen
    Aileen Sarsfield

15:45-16:45             SESSION EIGHT | Student Life | ROOM 448

  • Studying the Suburb: How Students Saw Parkville
    Naomi Mullumby, Sarah Charing, Eric Xie
  • Contribution of International House to Urban Multiculturism and Gender Acceptance in ParkvilleDr Yee Kee Ku

16:45-17:15             CLOSING REMARKS | FILM | PARKVILLE | Closing Drinks



The symposium will be held (in a COVID-19 safe manner) at the University of Melbourne’s Glyn Davis (MSD) Building, and involve a walking tour of Parkville. A $50 / $25 fee covering catering costs will apply for those attending in-person. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, these arrangements are subject to change.


The symposium team is David Nichols, Catherine Townsend, Hannah Lewi and Theo Blankley.
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