ACAHUCH Symposium 2020: Keynote Lecture Martien de Vletter

After-Life Symposium

Singapore Theatre B120, Melbourne School of Design
Glyn Davis Building
The University of Melbourne

  • Keynote

The keynote lecture for ACAHUCH's 2020 symposium, Martien de Vletter, Associate Director, Collections, Canadian Centre of Architecture

Design practices and collecting institutions are united in grappling with the management and preservation of born-digital records and the ever-growing demands of digital archival collections.

The annual ACAHUCH symposium for 2020 will bring together international and national experts, local professionals and designers. Speakers will assess lessons learned as we seek to continue to preserve, edit and share architectural and design-related documentation, and will discuss how to manage enduring access to digital design records including photographs, moving image, CAD, BIM, and 3D modelling.

Keynote speaker:

Martien de Vletter, Associate Director of the Collection at the Canadian Centre for Architecture (CCA), Montreal, where she is responsible for the digital preservation and access program. Prior to this she was a curator at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI), Rotterdam, and has also published widely on architecture and urbanism in the Netherlands and Indonesia.

Please note: this is a live-stream of the Keynote by Martien de Vletter for the ACAHUCH 2020 Symposium, held in the Singapore Theatre, B120 of the MSD (Glyn Davis Building). To register for the symposium, please go here. To register for the lunchtime lecture, please go here.