Event: The Australian Dark Sky Alliance presents The Cultural Value of the Night Sky

Picture of Uluru with light sculpture in foreground

The Cultural Value of the Night Sky - Should cultural heritage sites be lit at night for tourists?

Emeritus Professor Clive Ruggles of the University of Leicester's School of Archaeology and Ancient History says no. These monuments pre-date lighting, light pollution and even light bulbs, and its natural nocturnal home is against a pitch black sky scattered with stars, planets and the Milky Way. In a time when the lights are always on, that little patch of darkness could provide a window into the starlit past.

Increasing by 2% year on year, light is the fastest-growing pollutant in the world, leaving only 20% of the world's population a sky full of stars.

The Australasian Dark Sky Alliance is a volunteer, non-profit charity, educating the public and policymakers about night environment conservation.

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