Our Heritage for the Future | PHA (Vic & Tas) and the National Trust


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Dr James Lesh


As part of the National Trust's Australian Heritage Festival, PHA (Vic & Tas) will present a Zoom webinar on the Festival theme ‘Our Heritage for the Future’.

PHA (Vic & Tas) members Felicity Watson, ACAHUCH Member Dr James Lesh and Libby Blamey will discuss topics such as the role of historians in heritage, how historians help us to better understand our tangible and intangible heritage, and/or whether historians have a role in helping the community understand their heritage. Speakers will give some insight into their experience working in heritage and may wish to comment on the future they see for heritage.

The event will be hosted by PHA (Vic & Tas) President, Kimberley Meagher on Thursday 22nd April at 7pm.

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