Parlour LAB 11: Rethinking Heritage, with Amanda Achmadi and Kelly Greenop + Chris Landorf

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Amanda Achmadi

Join Parlour for Parlour LAB 11: Rethinking Heritage, with Amanda Achmadi and Kelly Greenop + Chris Landorf on 22.10.2021 between 12:30-1:30pm AEDT.

LAB 11 explores the conception of heritage in the context of the built environment, with a focus on the Asia Pacific.

Kelly GreenopChris Landorf will discuss digital cultural heritage as a new method of archiving and experiencing heritage. How are emerging technologies changing the way we archive and experience heritage” What implications does this have for the profession and society more broadly?

Amanda Achmadi (of ACAHUCH, and co-coordinator of the upcoming ACAHUCH symposium mentioned below) will present her work resurfacing intra-colonial networks and encounters in late-nineteenth-century Asia Pacific, which provides a forgotten context of built heritage discourse in the region now.

They then join Kali Marnane and Rebecca McLaughlan (formerly of ACAHUCH) for a discussion about the methods, contribution and potential of rethinking heritage within contemporary practice.

To find out more about their work, read Amanda’s essays Advertising ‘the East’: Encounters with the Urban and the Exotic in Late Colonial Asia Pacific and The Architecture of Cultuurstelsel in Nineteenth-century Dutch East Indies: Built Traces of Colonial Agricultural Industry and explore the Future Visions website -  if you’re still curious, check out these 3D Heritage Scans and read about robots saving the heritage of remote Peel Island.

Navigating Encounters and Exchanges, the upcoming ACAHUCH Symposium convened by Amanda, which explores forgotten history of encounter, exchange, and influence in Australia, the Pacific and South-East Asia.