ACAHUCH offers a comprehensive suite of professional development short courses in urban and cultural heritage.

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The ACAHUCH Melbourne MicroCert series is designed for professionals of diverse backgrounds seeking to expand their applied skills in Urban and Cultural Heritage. Our four online short courses draw upon the world-leading research, teaching and industry expertise within the Centre.

Whether you’re looking to upskill, expand your knowledge or take the next step in your career, our innovative and engaging courses will help unlock your potential so you can thrive in a continuously evolving world.

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Study ModeDurationSkills Area
OnlineEach MicroCert is taught over 3 weeks (30 hours) + 1 week for assessment (7.5 hours)Sustainability


  • What is a Melbourne MicroCert?

    Melbourne MicroCerts are the University of Melbourne’s unique microcredential offering. Aligned to industry and workforce needs, these small, highly accessible courses equip you with in-demand skills and knowledge for your job now, and help you build a diverse skill-set for the future. As the world of work continues to evolve, Melbourne MicroCerts keep you relevant.

  • Where can I find further details on each course?
  • Who are they for?

    Each Melbourne MicroCert is suitable for professionals from a wide range of sectors with an interest in urban and cultural heritage.

  • How are they taught?

    Fully online delivery offers a convenient way to develop your skillset, and you will utilise innovative learning technologies, such as virtual field trips, and engage with leading heritage practitioners.

    Within a multidisciplinary cohort of professionals, you will utilise innovative online learning technologies such as interactive digital seminars and virtual field trips with leading heritage practitioners, as well as undertake self-directed learning activities. As informed by the research and industry links of ACAHUCH, you will explore key case studies from leading scholars and practitioners from Australia and across the world.

  • How are they linked to industry?

    Each Melbourne MicroCert in the Urban and Cultural Heritage series draws upon the extensive experience of ACAHUCH staff in research, education and engagement in the fields of urban and cultural heritage and architectural history.

    ACAHUCH has an active and engaged advisory board of leading practitioners within the heritage sector across Australia. Researchers in ACAHUCH are engaged in heritage policy, planning and practice with cultural and collecting institutions, government agencies, heritage professionals and others across the sector in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Are the they recognised as continuing professional development (CPD)?

    Depending on your circumstances, each of the four Melbourne MicroCerts in Urban and Cultural Heritage may be recognised as continuing professional development (CPD) by the following bodies:

    • Australian Institute of Architects (AIA)
    • Planning Institute of Australia (PIA)
    • Australian Institute of Landscape Architecture (AILA)
    • Certified Environmental Practitioner Scheme (CEPS)
    • Law Institute
    • Professional Historians Australia
    • UK Institute of Historic Buildings Conservation (IHBC).

    You will need to discuss and confirm this with each organisation directly.

  • Can I enrol in just one MicroCert?

    Each course can be taken as a standalone Melbourne MicroCert, or you can complement it with any other Melbourne MicroCert in the Urban and Cultural Heritage series.

  • Are there pathways to further study?

    The Urban and Cultural Heritage series of Melbourne MicroCerts is designed to provide a pathway – otherwise known as advanced standing – into the Master of Urban and Cultural Heritage (M-UCH).

    Completion of Melbourne Microcerts in the Urban and Cultural Series will be taken into consideration if applying for entry to the Masters of Urban and Cultural Heritage at the Melbourne School of Design. Each certificate is equivalent to one quarter of a standard subject which can be used for credit into the MUCH program.

  • How often are they offered?

    ACAHUCH anticipates delivering each Melbourne MicroCert in the Urban and Cultural Heritage series at least once per year.

    We also encourage you to make an inquiry about future dates and delivery modes.

  • What is the geographic focus?

    The MicroCerts are designed for learners from across Australia and the world. The framework of values-based heritage management is widely adopted. The only exception is Statutory Heritage, which emphasises Victorian state and local heritage schemes in their national and international context.

  • Are the courses delivered online or on campus?

    All the MicroCerts are available to be taken fully online. An alternative iteration of the MicroCerts involving hybrid delivery with a mixture of online and face-to-face learning may be offered in the future.

  • How do I obtain further information or make an enquiry?

    Please contact the dedicated Student Support Team with your queries.