Heritage Conservation as Environmental Conservation 2013

Woodward Centre, Level 10, 185 Pelham Street, University of Melbourne

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In recent times it has been common to hear designers, environmental advocates and others declaiming against older buildings based on their poor environmental performance. At the same time, heritage advocates have embraced the idea of embodied energy and made bold claims on behalf of the environmental benefits of preserving older buildings rather than replacing them. These seemingly contradictory perspectives have produced some confusion and recently heritage authorities in Australia have taken a keen interest in assessing the various claims and understanding the different arguments.

This half day symposium provided an opportunity for architects, heritage consultants, municipal planners, capital managers and other built environment professionals, to discuss the principles and practices involved in assessing building environmental performance and the influence that the conservation of older buildings can have on protecting the environment.

This public event was coordinated by Dr. Robert Crawford.

Image by Peter Clarke Photography