Place and Parametricism Project Symposium 2020

Can place be adequately encompassed by the quantitative methods of digital and parametric design? Though what methods can collective research, where the design studio is the founding mode of enquiry, aid in clarifying the nature of place and of parametricism, as well as enabling a rethinking of what design itself might be?

Place and Parametricism: Provocations for the Rethinking of Design Symposium 2020 brings a diverse group of thinkers and creators together into a working dialogue to discuss these questions.

The project, incubated through a series of design studio provocations based in the fictional places of Mervyn Peake’s Gormenghast trilogy, further expanded into experiments in place-based situations including historical and contemporary architectures, interiors, and landscapes. From this experimental approach into various environments real and imagined, everyday and extraordinary, arise manifestationts informed by Peake's worlds and an interpretation of the narratives contained within them.

Commencing Tuesday August 11 2020, the Place and Parametricism Symposium features a comprehensive online program (brochure here) available via open streaming on Youtube (see links below). Featured speakers in the program include:

For more information, contact Stanislav Roudavski via email.

Please see the brochure for the outlines of the presentations, schedule, and instructions.

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