Locating Giurgola: From Philadelphia School to Global Practice

This research focuses on the life and work of Italo-American architect Romaldo Giurgola, situating his work in its architectural, historical and biographical contexts across the second half of the twentieth century.

Giurgola in front of Parliament House Canberra

Image Credit:  Photography by Neil Fenelon, 2011

This life and works project is the first major systematic assessment of the architectural career of architect Romaldo Giurgola (1920-2016), the principal designer of Australian Parliament House. It will review all known archives relating to his life and works, including significant collections in North America and Australia, and it will survey the full range of his architectural projects.

The project expects to result in a new and complete assessment of Giurgola's architecture, figuring important Australian buildings into an international landscape of professional practice. The primary outcome of this project will be a large critical catalogue, presenting the full extent of his career for the first time and locating APH in that career in new terms.

Header Image Credit:  Aldo Giurgola, 2005 Mandy Martin. © Mandy Martin/Copyright Agency, 2022, National Portrait Gallery

Project Title

Locating Giurgola: From Philadelphia School to Global Practice

Project Team

A/Prof Cameron Logan (University of Sydney) (CI)
Professor Andrew Leach (University of Sydney) 
Professor Philip Goad (University of Melbourne) 
Dr Annmarie Brennan (University of Melbourne) 
Ms Catherine Lassen (University of Sydney)
A/Prof Denise Costanzo (Pennsylvania State University) 
Prof Paolo Tombesi (EPFL) 
William Whitaker (University of Pennsylvania)

Supported by

The project is funded through the Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Project (DP) scheme under the number DP220101537.


Dr Annmarie Brennan (University of Melbourne)