This collection includes objects such as a bell crank, a ceiling vent and an ornamental cast-iron frieze, as well as numerous samples of nails.

A selection of objects from the collection have been 3D scanned, it is anticipated that more will be added.

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Ironmongery Collection

Ironmongery: collection data

Accession number Object name Material Brief description Dimensions Date
ABP-HBM-3.100 Trenails Wood 4 Danish trenails. Asferg, Aarhus, Jutland Frame and Batten Pegs 250 mm, 125 mm, 100 mm, 60 mm length 1700
ABP-HBM-3.101 Handmade Nails wrought iron 3 nails. 1 - Handmade nail with an irregular head. 2 - handmade nail. 3- piece of a nail 1- 45 mm, 2 - 80 mm, 3 - 25 mm  
ABP-HBM-3.102 Handmade Screw Iron Handmade screw with flathead 40 mm
Accession numberObject nameMaterialBrief descriptionDimensionsDate
ABP-HBM-3.200Cut brad nailwrought ironCut brad nail used for flooring. Tapered rectangular shank, mainly small flanged heads74 mm in length1863
ABP-HBM-3.201Stamped Head Cut NailsWrought ironStamped head cut nails65 mm, 65 mm, 65 mm, 55 mm, 40 mm, 57 mm, 28 mm, 40 mm, 25 mm, 40 mm, 40 mm, 75 mmc1880, 1887, 1890, 1905, 1892
ABP-HBM-3.202Cut brad nailwrought ironCut brad nail mounted on card. Used for flooring. Tapered rectangular shank, mainly small flanged heads57 mm length 
ABP-HBM-3.203Stamped Head Cut Nailswrought ironFlat stamped headed nails comprising of T-Head nail, wide flanged headed nail, 2 narrow flanged headed nails, 5 pyramid head & mimicks75 mm, 77 mm, 65 mm, 52 mm, 30 mm, 52 mm, 41 mm, 27 mm, 27 mmc1870, 1892, c1875, c1900, 1890, 1871 - 1889, 1905
ABP-HBM-3.204Cut brad nailwrought ironCut brad nail taped onto card65mm1855
ABP-HBM-3.205Cut brad nailswrought iron2 cut brad nails with formed heads67 mm length 
ABP-HBM-3.206Cut nailsIron8 Identical cut nails37 mm in length eachc1869
ABP-HBM-3.207Cut nailsIron2 cut nails65 mm each 
ABP-HBM-3.208Cut Brad NailsIron5 cut brad nails48 mm in length each except one broken, 38 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.209Cut brad nailsIron2 cut brad nails58 mmc1856
ABP-HBM-3.210Cut NailIronMachine cut nail with one straight side and angled 'head' on the other75 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.211Cut nailsIronTwo identical cut nails65 mm in length
Accession numberObject nameMaterialBrief descriptionDimensionsDate
ABP-HBM-3.300Ewbank nails mounted on boardswrought ironEwbank pressed nails including 13 nails from original patent and head, 1834; 5 nails from the 'starhead' trademark, 1869; and 7 nails from the Heward patent, diagonal haunch, 1878195 x 335 x 10 mm1854-63; 1843-47; 1858; 1883; 1871; c1890; 1894
ABP-HBM-3.301Ewbank nailswrough iron2 Ewbank nails140 mm, 90 mm in length 
ABP-HBM-3.302Ewbank NailWrought iron2 ewbank nails for roofing50mm, 65 mm in length 
ABP-HBM-3.303Ewbank nailWrought ironEwbank roofing nail, along with piece of felt, possibly with bitumen; 60 x 40 mm; 70 mm in length 
ABP-HBM-3.304Ewbank nailWrought ironLarge ewbank nail, slightly irregular shaft125 mm length1837
ABP-HBM-3.305Ewbank Nailswrought iron2 ewbank nails34 mm in length each1865-70?
ABP-HBM-3.306Ewbank NailsIron, wood3 ewbank nails along with one wire nail mounted on a wooden batten345 x 55 mm1856?
ABP-HBM-3.307Ewbank nailsIron3 Ewbank nails80 mmc1856
ABP-HBM-3.308Ewbank nailIronLarge ewbank nail105 mmc1856
ABP-HBM-3.309Ewbank NailsIron2 Ewbank nails, one with red paint on the head and shaft75 mm, 65 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.310Ewbank NailsIron2 ewbank nails, one large and other small95 mm, 46 mm1982?
ABP-HBM-3.311Ewbank NailsIron2 large and one small ewbank nails85 mm, 85 mm, 53 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.312Ewbank nailIronEwbank nail, with rectangular shaft102 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.313Ewbank NailsIronLarge ewbank nail80 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.314Ewbank NailIronOne nail, possible roofing ewbank nail75 mm
Accession numberObject nameMaterialBrief descriptionDimensionsDate
ABP-HBM-3.400Wire nailsIron4 wire nails with cylindrical shafts.82 mm, 55 mm, 55 mm, 50 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.401Wire nailsIron2 wire nails with cylindrical shafts55 mm, 85 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.402Wire nailswrought ironWire nail47 mm, 65 mm1870s, 1860s?
ABP-HBM-3.403Wire nailswrought iron2 wire nails38 mm, 38 mm in length 
 Wire nailswrought iron3 old wire nails38 mm, 38 mm, 33 mm in length 
ABP-HBM-3.404Wire nailIronWire nail, possibly headless36 mm1850s?
ABP-HBM-3.405Wire nails mounted on cardIron23 wire nails. 1, 2, 3, 4- Squred & ribbed fez. 5, 6- Pyramid heads. 7, 8, 9, 10- Faceted flat dome 11, 12, 13, 14- Faceted bun. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20- Bullet & drum. 21, 22, 23- Flat patterned160 x 235 mm1, 2, 3- 1887. 4-1905. 5- 1909. 6- c1885. 7, 8, 9- 1887. 10- 1905. 11- 1899. 12, 13- 1905. 14- 1892. 15, 16-1887. 17- 1899. 18, 19- 1892. 20- 1905. 21- 1887. 22- 1905. 23- 1899
ABP-HBM-3.406wire nailIronWire nail with cylindrical shaft67 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.407Wire nailIronLarge wire nail without head135 mm
Accession numberObject nameMaterialBrief descriptionDimensionsDate
ABP-HBM-3.500Lead head roofing nailsIron2 lead head nails, one with wooden plug over it63 mm length1870s
ABP-HBM-3.501Roofing nailironCircular domed head with square-section tapering shaft.70 mm in length1850s?
ABP-HBM-3.502Lead headed roofing nailIronLead headed roofing nail55 mm lengthAfter 1872?
ABP-HBM-3.503Roofing NailironNail from shingle roof, square head, rectangular shaft.57 mm length 
ABP-HBM-3.504Roofing nailswrought iron3 roofing nails with 2 washers60mm in length each23 July 1882?
ABP-HBM-3.505Lead headed roofing nailIron1 complete lead headed roofing nail and 2 heads73 mm length1880s?
ABP-HBM-3.506Ridge nailIronMajor part of a roofing nail275 mm 
 Ridge nailIronleft over hook of a roofing nail122mm1855-61?
ABP-HBM-3.507Ridge nailIronRoofing nail for sloped roofs to b added at the ridge240 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.508Lead headed roofing nailIronLead headed wire roofing nail65 mm in length1883 patent?
ABP-HBM-3.509Roofing nailsiron2 circular flat head nails with square-section tapering shaft.50 mm, 40 mm in length 
ABP-HBM-3.510Lath NailIronLath nail mounted on card with a hand made shank and die formed head25 mm1780-90
ABP-HBM-3.511Nail with sleeveIronLarge nail with sleeve for gutter fixing190 mm1855-75?
ABP-HBM-3.512Roofing screwIronRoofing screw - Non pointed type. Appears to have two flat washers, iron below and lead above.59 mmc1854
ABP-HBM-3.513Lead headed nailIronRoofing nail with lead head detached62 mm in length, head 20 mm in diameter 
ABP-HBM-3.514Lead headed nailsIron, leadTwo lead headed nails with one head detached. 62 mm, 60 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.515Fascia spikeIronFascia spike200 x 90 mm1850

Special Nails

Accession number Object name Material Brief description Dimensions Date
ABP-HBM-3.600 Wigzel Screw and Spiral Nails Iron 4 examples of twisted nails mounted on a board. rectangular shank nails: sharp twist, shallow twist, untwisted controls 85 mm, 80mm, 75mm, 75 mm, 60mm, 60mm 1859/1861
ABP-HBM-3.601 Espalier and vine training nails Iron 2 espalier and vine training nails for walls 40 x 40 mm, 35 x 35 mm May 9, 1891?
ABP-HBM-3.602 Pipe nails Iron Two machine made pipe nails 56 mm in length after 1800
ABP-HBM-3.603 Clout nails ? Seven identical broad headed clouts 33 mm in length  

Miscellaneous ironwork

Accession numberObject nameMaterialBrief descriptionDimensionsDate
ABP-HBM-3.700Section of veranda freizecast ironSection of cast iron veranda frieze, in the design of foliate scrolls. A layer of faded green paint remains on the upper surface.475 x 365 x 20 mm 
ABP-HBM-3.701Murphy's Improved Patent Ventilatorgalvanised ironShallow cone shape, toped by a roghly rectangular tube, inside which is a trianguar flap which opens as air is drawn through it.250 x 250 x 130 mmpossibly 1876
ABP-HBM-3.702Bell crank A bell crank on a spikespike 85 mm in length, crank 43 x 77 mmLate nineteenth century