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Allan WillinghamThe Tennis Court: An Architectural HistoryPhilip Goad
Ammon BeyerleParticipation in Architecture : Agonism in PracticeKaren Burns
Andrew MurrayThe Influence of British Émigré Architects on Western Australian Architecture and Planning, 1945-1975Hannah Lewi and Phillip Goad
Anneke Prins  Actualising the Virtual: Re-engaging the Sensing Body through the Manipulation of AtmospheresPaul Walker
Annette WarnerSystems of performng beauty: the aesthetic agency of Gordon Ford's natural gardenGini Lee
Anthony WormFree and Architecture and GoffPaul Walker
Astrid Andrea Ortega EsquivelManaging urban and landscape heritage through the Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) approach: the case study of Valparaíso, ChileAnna Hurlimann
Claire MillerHow does society become complicit in its own oppression through the mechanism of spatialised fear and politics?AnnMarie Brennan and David Nichols
Claire O'BoyleBuildings for Curious Minds: An Investigation of Architecture and Design Practices for the Finnish Kindergarten SettingHannah Lewi
Elizabeth MusgraveJohn Dalton: Architect of Sunlight, Shade and ShadowPhillip Goad
Fiona JohnsonA Comparative Study of Civic Space Design in the Contemporary Settler Societies of Australia and New ZealandJillian Walliss and Hannah Lewi
Hamid Khalili Re-Investing Reciprocity between Moving Image (Cinema), Design and Architecture through the 'Architect's Gaze'AnnMarie Brennan and Greg Missingham
John CastlesThe Impact of Building Standards on Contemporary ConstructionGiorgio Marfella
Jonathan LovellDogma to Data: Ritual and Transcendental Experiences in immersive Multimedia EnvironmentsAnnMarie Brennan
Kristal BuckleyUnderstanding Global Heritage: Key IssuesKate Darian Smith and Philip Goad
Libby RichardsonOrnament and Surface Decoration in Contemporary Melbourne ArchitectureHannah Lewi and Philip Goad
Lu Zhang  Abstract Tradition and Its Potential in Theorised Design: A Critical Analysis of Contemporary Practice in China and Japan since 1990.Jianfei Zhu
Marcus FajlThe Fate of Ornament in Early Twentieth Century ArchitectureHannah Lewi and Karen Burns
Nesha NaidooParks, playgrounds, promenades, pageants and piazzas: the changing ideas of designed public spaces in Melbourne 1850–2000Richard Gillespie and Julie Willis
Philip GoldswainPhotographic Cities: Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, 1893-1917Hannah Lewi and Andrew Saniga
Rebecca ClementsSustainable and Policies: Japanese Vicinity ParkingDavid Nichols
Ruth ReddenHeritage and sustainability: how to ensure historic buildings are culturally, environmentally and economically sustainable.Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad
Scott WoodsFace: An Aesthetico-Political Paradigm in American Architectural Theory 1984-2009Paul Walker and Phillip Goad
Sharon ShaferThe Utopian Paradox of High-Rise Housing in Australia between 1945-2010Peter Raisbeck and Julie Willis
Simona CastricumWhat if Safety became Permanent? Gender Nonconforming Experiences of Architecture - Space and PracticeKaren Burns
Tania DavidgeEncountering ArchitectureKaren Burns
Timothy MooreThe instruments of transitional architecture: locating the value of short-term temporary projects in long-term urban frameworksKaren Burns
Victoria KolankiewiczA Social History of Quarrying in MelbourneDavid Nichols
Yinrui XieArchitecture as a Sign System: A Semiotic Study of China's Christian UniversitiesPaul Walker and Julie Willis