Excavating Modernism : Exhibition

Exhibition materials, including archival drawings, documentation, interviews, print media, 3D models and film explore the narratives of Jewish émigré creatives in Melbourne's South-Eastern suburbs.

Held in 2019 at the City of Glen Eira Council Gallery, Excavating Modernism was the continuation of a research project undertaken as a result of further interrogation in to the work of Dr Ernest Fooks.

Exhibition materials, including archival drawings, documentation, interviews, print media and the creation of a publication and 3D models explore the narratives of the projects of Jewish émigré architects in Glen Eira, including the work of architects like Fooks, Mordechai Benshemesh, Herbert Tisher and Kurt Popper.

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Through the employment of historical materials from University-held archives, recently acquired archives, and content sourced from the families of the exhibiting architects, this exhibition generates a dialogue about the role of these typologies in our housing, cultural, historical landscapes.

Interspersed with this is work from 2018 Curatorial Practice students, who derive their own understanding and interpretation to provide a contemporary contextualisation to the works.

Full Title

Excavating Modernism : Stylistic Species, Émigré Architects and the South-Eastern Suburbs

Exhibition Location:

Glen Eira Council Gallery, Caulfield


07.03.19 - 24.03.19

Project Team

Professor Alan Pert (University of Melbourne)
Professor Philip Goad (University of Melbourne) 
Mr Theo Blankley (University of Melbourne)


Mr Theo Blankley (University of Melbourne)