Lime cement and plaster

A collection of core samples, casts and mouldings, wall samples, reinforced concrete and Traegerwellblech fireproof flooring.

A selection of objects from the collection have been 3D scanned, it is anticipated that more will be added.


Cement core

Explore the complete collection of lime, cement and plaster in an online exhibition with images and detailed descriptions of each object.

Lime, Cement & Plaster collection

Lime, cement and plaster: collection data

Accession numberObject nameBrief descriptionMaterialDimensionsDateMaker
ABP-HBM-2.100LathPart of a Mountain Ash (E. regnans) split lathwood360 x 22 x 3 mm  
ABP-HBM-2.101Expanded metal lathingConcrete reinforced with expanded metalConcrete, metal290 x 60 mmafter 1912 
ABP-HBM-2.102ConcreteReinforced concrete on the Considere systemConcrete70 x 25 x 20 mm1910-11E.G. Stone of Stone & Siddely, supervised by Laird & Buchan Architects
ABP-HBM-2.103Wall RenderingPortion of Ashlar-ruled rendering of wall, over sapling and mud constructionMortar200 x 170 x 60 mm  
ABP-HBM-2.104Wall materialWall material from the Butter Factory in Cowwarr, Gippsland (river pebbles visible)Rammed earth, stone   
    130 x 105 x 80 mm  
    75 x 120 x 45 mm  
ABP-HBM-2.105Knitlock concreteSection of concrete tiles interlocked with each otherConcrete305 x 270 x 60 mm1920s? 
ABP-HBM-2.106Wall portionWall piece with render and paint    
ABP-HBM-2.107Gypsum hemisphere     
ABP-HBM-2.108Wall pieceLarge external wall piece rendered with small stones    
ABP-HBM-2.109Wall pieceWall piece with rendering on the exterior and brick on the interior. Mortar between bricks 80 x 90 x 45 mm  
ABP-HBM-2.110Concrete piece  70 x 60 x 30 mm  
ABP-HBM-2.111Rendered concrete with paint     
ABP-HBM-2.112Cinder concrete     
ABP-HBM-2.113ConcreteConcrete with brick marks    
ABP-HBM-2.114Coke breeze concreteLarge piece of stone, already scanned earlier    
ABP-HBM-2.115Fite slabLarge stone with impressed marking "XIV"    
ABP-HBM-2.116(136) Core sampleCylindrical core sample of a reinforced concete wall with slender reinforcement rod passing through the centreConcrete, sand and aggregate100 x 100 mmc1920 
ABP-HBM-2.117Concrete and brick tar ?Piece of concrete and brick tar with wire reinforcingconcrete, brick tar230 mm long piece1928 
ABP-HBM-2.118Cement RenderCement render from wall of studs, mud infill, wire netting on each side with cement renderCement, sand, aggregate90 x 80 mm  
ABP-HBM-2.119Traegerwellblech iron corrugated sheetCorrugated iron sheet of the Traegerwellblech systemIron600 x 4501880-90s?